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Wilshire Axon Sports mobile application and platform Synergy innovates Mobile Sports Fan Engagement creating revenue for sports teams
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The sports industry’s most advanced revenue generating
fan engagement platform

Module Library

Unique module library allows for easy app customization 

Geo IQ

Revolutionary GeoIQ technology allows you to change fan experiences based on geography


Data is collected from all fan touch points from both out of venue and within the venue

Partnership Integration Engine

Pre-configured industry leading partnership integrations from our suite of 3rd party vendors

SYNERGY™ is a turnkey platform containing highly specific tools to unlock revenue opportunities in the sports industry


114% Year Over Year Increase in Mobile Ad Spending

Research shows that digital advertising is quickly shifting to mobile. Now is the time to take your team to the next level with the most innovating and engaging revenue generating platform on the market, SYNERGY

Reward yourself with financial growth, deeper fan engagement, increased sponsorships and a strengthening of your loyal fan-base

Digital innovations coupled with powerful mobile devices have completely and rapidly transformed fan engagement. “Is our app the industry leader?” or “Are we ahead of the technology curve?” If you’ve asked yourself questions like these, chances are you’re behind the technology curve

Unify experiences

SYNERGY’S unparalleled technology optimizes any image or video for mobile to keep the message consistent across all of your social outlets and websites

The Sports Content Management Solution utilizes highly specialized commands – and controls all content including images and video with easy to use drag-and-drop capabilities to manage content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all your favorite social outlets. Whether it’s on an iPhone, Android, or Windows device, your message is mobile-optimized and delivered consistently